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Alhogail Group was founded in 1982 as a family owned general contractor, provides premier engineering, design, construction, and maintenance services to government and private sector clients in a wide array of industries.
Today we have grown to become well known contractors in the Eastern Province, responsible for some of the most challenging projects in the area.
The company’s growth and development combines the expertise of our management and business development teams.
Through recognizing, the business development needs the teams focuses on improving company-specific growth conditions and speeding up the
With these teams, we managed to conclude a big company acquisition faster and in a more professional way than what it would otherwise have been possible. This is so because the teams working in the business development and growth already knew our business.
As our business has grown into a network of several firms in which the same need for information or financing may concern many companies, Alhogail Group can actually speed up the development of the business and boost it, because the development of the company is planned together. We operate together with
our partners in planned way.
Alhogail Group as general commercial and industrial contractor builds a diverse range of project types, including new construction and renovation of commercial office, malls, distribution and industrial, health care, educational, institutional, residential, mixed use, retail, hospitality, mass transportation, entertainment and gas stations.
These projects have been built for both public and private clients using various delivery methods.

We at Alhogail Group are looking always for future opportunities and partners who can be a part of our business development plans. We want to increase our growth thru building strategic alliances and business partnerships.
Alhogail Group is a global provider of turnkey, value-added engineering design, procurement, construction, maintenance and operations services